Beds Separated – Old Versions

Required: Various (see below)

These are new objects with new textures. 

I WILL NOT BE UPDATING THESE IN THE FUTURE! I’m planning on making new versions of these that are texture reliant and take up considerably less space when I have time.

Double and Single Mattresses can be found in Comfort > Beds. Double and Single Frames, pillows, and/or curtains can be found in Comfort > Misc. Toddler Mattresses and Frames can be found in Kids > Toddlers. Includes all beds from the following packs:

  • BG
  • EP01
  • EP03
  • GP01
  • GP04
  • GP05
  • SP07
  • SP09

Files with the name ‘HIDER’ will hide all the original beds so they don’t show up in the catalog.

This was a ton of work but I think it was worth it. I’ve separated all the beds but left the original prices and stats on them. Prices are split between the mattress and the frame; 1/3 of it for the mattress and 2/3 for the frame. I still like the idea of my sims having to sleep on a crappy mattress that makes their back hurt lol.

The AirKushn frames are still able to be swiped into your sims inventory.

These are all new objects because I plan on recoloring them at some point later so feel free to do the same, just be sure to follow my creator policy (see link below). I made hiders for all the beds except the cot, the reward bed, and the jail bed.

The link below will take you to a folder where you can choose to download what you need.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m going to leave the links up for these but I will not be supporting them anymore. They work with Cats & Dogs but cats still float on them. If there is a batch fix for this I will update them.

  • 20/01/11 – updated for university, general tidying and recategorizing; a big thanks to my patron Rachel Howell for getting the bulk of the tags updated for these and making my job a little easier!!!
  • 17/01/25 – cleaned up all the files, fixed a script call error, added toddler beds, Vintage Glamour beds, and Vampire bed, and created a download file for each pack to ease download time.

By downloading my content you are agreeing to my Creator Policy. Click the link above for details.

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23 thoughts on “Beds Separated – Old Versions

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  2. it didn’t work for me i have a mac so unzipping is easy and was already done by safari none of the original toddler beds separated have worked for me and it is really upsetting someone plz help me

  3. These replace the original in game beds? It seems to be do that to me but I wanted to know if it was just me. Thank you so much, they are great!

      1. Did you unzip the file first? Make sure you unzip it using winzip or 7zip (which is free and what I use). Then put it the files in your mod folder, there will be quite a few. You’ll find these in comfort-beds.

  4. THANK YOU!!! Do these work with the separated frames and mattresses by Annachibi? I’ve been using those since 2015 and all of my mattress recolors are from Annachibi’s as well. Wondering if the mattresses will work with your bed frames if I delete Annachibi’s frames?

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