Alpha Beta Phong Modular Closet System

Required: Base Game

These are new objects. They are searchable by ‘BrazenLotus’ in the catalog. You may need the MoveObjects cheat for clutter to fit in all slots. Closet pieces come in 9 colors and the majority of clutter objects have at least 3 color variations.

Note #1: Some of the clutter objects stack so there is always a chance to get the ‘object not found’ error. Try not to move around entire stacks of objects to avoid this. Check out This Thread for more info. 

Note #2: Turn OFF the MoveObjects cheat if you need to move, color, or delete a wall. It will delete all of your clothing and stacked clutter from the whole room if you don’t! I don’t know why…it’s an EA thing.

  • Canvas Bin
  • Closet Box 1
  • Closet Box 2
  • Clothing – Button Up Blouse
  • Clothing – Skirted Blouse
  • Clothing – Cardigan
  • Clothing – Dress
  • Clothing – Dress Shirt
  • Clothing – Hanging Scarf
  • Clothing – Hanging Tie
  • Clothing – Hanging Ties
  • Clothing – Pants
  • Clothing – Polo
  • Clothing – Suit Jacket
  • Clothing – Sweatshirt
  • Clothing – Sweatshirt Hoodie
  • Clothing – Sweatshirt Hoodie w/Pockets
  • Clothing – T-shirt
  • Closet Divider
  • Closet Drawers 1
  • Closet Drawers 2
  • Closet Drawers 3
  • Closet Glass Cabinet
  • Closet Half Glass Cabinet
  • Closet Rod
  • Closet Shelf
  • Folded Scarves
  • Folded Single Collar Shirt
  • Folded Single Sweater
  • Folded Stack of Sweaters
  • Folded Sweaters
  • Hanger
  • Hanging Jacket
  • Shoebox
  • Shoes – Men’s Boots
  • Shoes – Men’s Tall Boots
  • Shoes – Men’s Cowboy Boots
  • Shoes – Men’s Dress Shoes
  • Shoes – Men’s Sneakers
  • Shoes – Women’s Boots
  • Shoes – Women’s Tall Boots
  • Shoes – Women’s Canvas Sneakers
  • Shoes – Women’s Heels
  • Shoes – Women’s Open Toes
  • Small Bag
  • Small Suitcase

This was a HUUUUUGE project. To make them recolorable I had to make sure that they were all new base game meshes. That meant a lot of image files needed to be cropped and re-mapped to keep the file sizes manageable, but I think the results were TOTALLY worth it 😉

How to make a walk-in closet:

  1. Frame out your room: build the basic outline of your closet
  2. Build the closet foundation: add shelves, drawers, dividers, rods, and cabinets until it’s how you like it
  3. Make wall changes: if you need to adjust the walls for any reason do it now, this will save you from possibly having to redo all your cluttering work later
  4. Add hangers to your rods: these may snap to shelves so change your camera angle as needed to place these; rotate them to add variation
  5. Add clothing to hangers: these should now snap easily to any placed hangers
  6. Clutter away! (see Note #1 above)
  7. Remember: If you want to make ANY changes to the walls turn off the MoveObjects cheat before doing so or you will lose ALL your clothing and stacked clutter…you’ve been warned!!!

If you do it in the order above there should be minimal frustration about things snapping to slots where you don’t want them.

The clutter, clothing, and shoes are all sellable. I’ve made the closet rod so that there should be no routing issues for clothing items if you’d like to set them for sale in your retail shop. Some clutter objects have slots so you can stack them, see Note #1 above.

The drawers all function as dressers and all of the closet pieces should snap to the wall in squares so that everything lines up properly. Feel free to shift things around holding the ‘alt’ button to personalize your closet even more!

These closet pieces can be used in kitchens as well. These match the Outdoor Stuff pack counters and cabinets because that’s where I stole them from 😉 They are slightly different because they use different shaders though, so keep that in mind when decorating.

I ran out of steam on this one so there really isn’t much variation with colors. Tag me or send me a message if you recolor anything so I can download them and re-blog your lovely creations!!!

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Updated 18/02/05 – fixed for Cats & Dogs patch, removed extra shadows, fixed glass so you can grab objects from behind them

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19 thoughts on “Alpha Beta Phong Modular Closet System

  1. Hi I tried re downloading after your update for cats and dogs when I tried to extract it it comes up saying 7z error operation failed am I doing something wrong?

  2. Hi, First of all, thanks for this amazing work you’ve done. Secondly, I’m having problems with some of the drawers as the message “script call failed” keeps appearing and it doesn’t allow me to use the object. What can I do? Thanks.

  3. Your CC is amazing, thanks for all the hard work! I love your clutter, thanks for seperating everything.
    But this modular closet is even more amazing! I’ve waited for something like this for ages. 🙂

    1. Maybe try re-installing it. Otherwise you can search by BrazenLotus and they’ll come up. I’m sorry you’re having issues. They are showing up in my game fine so I’m not sure what could be going on.

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