Ball Pit with More Balls!

Required: SP12 - Toddler stuff

This is an override for the original in-game object.

  • Override – Bam Bam BAMco Ball Pit (Polys – 5108/3177)

I (along with a lot of other people) hated that the ball pit was so flat. They polys are still a bit high, but I think I found a good compromise with the number of balls I added to the pit. They also move along with the others! Check out the video below:

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7 thoughts on “Ball Pit with More Balls!

    1. Unfortunately not. That would require several more hours of work I really don’t want to repeat. I can tell you though that using the MOO cheat you can slide the ball pit close to the tunnels like the combo set and it will function the same. I might make a deco tube for the slide so that you can recreate the whole combo unit with individual pieces, if so it will be in the next set I release 🙂

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