Bargain Bend Shotguns

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Lot Details:

  • Residential
  • 30×20 Lot
  • § 122,192 
  • 3 Uniquely Styled Homes
  • Multi-family / Roomates

Originally I was going to mimic the lot that was here originally and add a garden area but I thought it would look more cohesive to just fill the lot with more shotgun homes to round out the nieghborhood. Each of these homes has it’s own style and this lot is great for a group of roomates as they can each have their own house.

  1. Make sure you have the bb.moveobjects on cheat enabled.
  2. Move the files from the zip file into their respective folders inside of –> Documents > Electonic Arts > The Sims 4.

This lot has been retired.

Lot Owner PLUS Patrons may have access to this lot as a one-time download. For details, or to become a Lot Owner PLUS, see my Patreon page.

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