Plain Place Settings

Required: GP05 - Parenthood

This is a new mod that may need to be updated with new game patches. 

Object Features:


These place setting additions can be found under the main ‘Set the Table’ menu. Files included in this download:

  • [MOD]_brazenlotus_GP05_TableSettingsCustom_Plain

The files below are included in the download as well. They are offered separately so you can pick & choose the place settings you’d like to add to your game. See the gallery below for details.

  • GP05_TableSetting_Plain_Breakfast
  • GP05_TableSetting_Plain_Brunch
  • GP05_TableSetting_Plain_Dinner
  • GP05_TableSetting_Plain_DinnerFormal
  • GP05_TableSetting_Plain_Lunch
  • GP05_TableSetting_Plain_LunchFormal
  • GP05_TableSetting_Plain_Outdoor
These are new place settings that don’t include a placemat and have several different silverware and plate combinations. They are intended to be used along with my other sets to create and personalize a tablescape, check out the instructions HERE.

You’ll need to install the files below for these objects to work.

The first file is a separate download because multiple objects use/will use the same tuning. It makes installing and updating these resources easier.

You will also need the second file, a script mod by Scumbumbo, for these options to show up and work in-game.

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I recommend creating a separate folder for my [MODS] files so when you’re notified of an update you can find and update them easily.

  • 19/08/04 – Re-worked mod to remove override file; separated & renamed files & place setting name
  • 19/02/21 – Tested & Updated

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