Bed Linens in Jungle Colors

Required: GP06 - Jungle Adventure

To keep the files small these rely on another object for their textures, see info below.

  • Pillowcase – Double – MASTER
    • Pillowcase – Single
    • Pillowcase – Toddler
  • Sheet – Double – MASTER
    • Sheet – Long Double
    • Sheet – Single
    • Sheet – Long Single
    • Sheet – Toddler

* MASTER file required for sub-listed files to work.

These will go over any bed or mattress and won’t interfere with sims trying to sleep on them. The long sheets will fit any of my longer bed frames and will allow you to 1) Make a regular size mattress look like it fits a longer frame and 2) Decorate that newly made space near the headboard with pillows so they won’t interfere with your sims sleep animation.

Check out the video HERE for instructions on how to put it all together!

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