Belomisia Sanctuary Ruins


Be sure you are on the lot and have bb.moveobjects on activated when placing this lot so that all of the objects place properly. Also, you’ll want to flip the lot around once you’ve done that, I saved it backwards so the gallery could get a decent pic.

This is a residential lot for your cheap sims to rent and just camp at when they want to visit Selvadorada. I took the national park and spruced it up a bit and turned into a camp ground. You can also make it cheaper by deleting the tents and bringing your own! Oh, and you can still fast travel here with sims from other lots to reach the entrance of the jungle so don’t freak out that the park is gone.

This lot has Creepy Crawlies and Peace & Quiet as well as a few excavation sites to start.

You’ll find links to the tray files below. You can also download it from the gallery – my ID is BrazenLotus1 or you can search #brazenlotus.

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