Required: Base Game

Compatible with Seasons

This is a new object with new textures.

Fruit Info:

  • Fruit Ingredient
  • Uncommon Harvestable
  • Summer Harvest
  • Eat for Gender Chance - Female
  • Inside the Uncommon & Summer Seed Packets
  • Purchase from Grocery Stall
  • Find in Scarecrow Pockets

Plant Attributes & Info:

  • Slow Growth
  • Bug Resistant
  • Moisture Loving
  • Attracts Birds*
  • Year-Round Foliage
  • Custom Notebook Entry
  • Plants Sway with Wind
  • Wet Leaf Effects
  • Working Plant Shadows

See the Harvestable Handbook for details on attributes. A * means these attributes are Special. 

The following is included in the download file:

  • Blueberry Harvestable

This plant will have multi-color, year-round foliage and give a large harvest in the Summer. 

When this plant is blossoming and in good health birds will visit it and eat any bugs on nearby plants. This will remove infestations from nearby plants and Beeboxes. Because of this it’s good to put these around plants that get infested often or near a Beebox. The downside is that you will periodically lose a blueberry harvest because birds love to eat berries.

* Seed Packet Additions & Custom Notebook Entry – see ‘Optional’ tab

The tuning file below is needed for any special attributes/effects to function. You can find more information about these effects on my Harvestable Handbook Page.

You only need one copy of this file for all your plants in game. Be sure to check the ‘Updates’ tab on the download page to ensure you have the most recent version. 

NOTE: The file above is technically not required to use the harvestable. If you don’t use this file be warned that you may have LE errors due to missing references. I will not be creating/supporting a version that does not use this file.

The script mod below is required for this harvestable to show up in Seed Packets, the Scarecrow’s Pockets, and to give it it’s own Notebook Entry.

If you choose not to download this mod:

  1. Your Sim will only have access to this harvestable from debug (with showhiddenobjects cheat) or from the grocery stall (if applicable).
  2. When your Sim researches this plant it will not be stored in your notebook.
I’ve made it so the Notebook Entry info also shows up under the plant description so you can see it when you hover over a plant as well as when you view your notebook in your Sim’s phone. You can see an example below: 

Some custom plants turn VERY dark indoors. I’ve already brought the issue up at Sims4Studio and as soon as a solution is found I’ll update my files. Until then, if you leave a wall open in the area you have your plants they will show properly.

Please follow me on Patreon, Twitter, or Tumblr for updates to this content. 

  • 19/05/26 – cleaned up and adjusted tuning, added notebook info
If you have a previous version of this harvestable it’s attributes and effects may not work properly after an update. There currently isn’t a fix so you may need to replant it.
I’ve found a work-around to this issue, although it may not work 100% of the time. If you plant the new version of this harvestable on the same lot it will trigger the old version to work properly. Keep in mind though, if you delete the new version the older version will revert back to not working properly.

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