Bog Mud Puddles

Required: EP05 - Seasons

This is a new mod that may need to be updated with new game patches. To keep the file sizes small, these may rely on another object for it’s textures. See details below.

Object Features:


Can be found in Outdoor Activities.

  • EP05 – Bog Mud Puddle 1
  • EP05 – Bog Mud Puddle 2
  • EP05 – Bog Mud Puddle 3
These will function like regular mud puddles but have a few more features and will not evaporate. 
The main reason I made these was to keep plants that require constant moisture watered like the Cranberries I made. I kept all the major functionality of Mud Puddles and added some additional interactions for pets that allow them to play in and drink from them like regular puddles except they will get dirty much faster.  
These can be kind of cheaty but keep in mind too many may slow your game and they will also alter environment scores negatively for some Sims.

You’ll need to install the file below for these objects to work.

This file is a separate download because multiple objects use/will use the same tuning. It makes installing and updating these resources easier.

Don’t use too many of these in an area as it may slow your game, especially if you’re running on a slower computer.

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