Books and Stuff Bookstore Set

Required: Base game & ep01 - get to work

To keep the files small, most if not all of these rely on the original in-game object for their textures.

Note: Some of the clutter objects stack so there is always a chance to get the ‘object not found’ error. Be sure to save before decorating with these. Also check out This Thread.

  • Bibliofile Deco Books – TEXTURES
    • Bibliofile Deco Books – #1-13
  • Book End
  • Book End for Picture Books
  • Crow Sculpture
  • Deco Books Picture – TEXTURES
    • Picture Book
    • Picture Book No Slot
    • Picture Book 3 stack
    • Picture Book 5 stack
  • Deco Books Thick – Genre/Emotional – TEXTURES
    • Thick Genre/Emotional Book
    • Thick Genre/Emotional Book No Slot
    • Thick Genre/Emotional  Book 2 stack
    • Thick Genre/Emotional  Book 3 stack
  • Deco Books Thick – Skill – TEXTURES
    • Thick  Skill Book
    • Thick  Skill Book No Slot
    • Thick  Skill Book 2 stack
    • Thick Skill  Book 3 stack
  • Deco Books Thin – Genre/Emotional – TEXTURES
    • Thin  Genre/Emotional Book
    • Thin  Genre/Emotional Book No Slot
    • Thin Genre/Emotional  Book 2 stack
    • Thin Genre/Emotional  Book 3 stack
  • Deco Books Thin – Skill – TEXTURES
    • Thin Skill Book
    • Thin  Skill Book No Slot
    • Thin  Skill Book 2 stack
    • Thin  Skill  Book 3 stack
  • EP01 – Bookcase Display – TEXTURES
    • Bookcase Display – Original
    • Bookcase Display –  Short No Step
    • Bookcase Display –  Stepped
    • Bookcase Display –  Tall No Step
  • Wall Shelf Slanted
  • Window Decal – Books and Stuff
  • Window Decal – Signs

NOTE:  All sub-listed objects require the main file listed above it; all of which should be files with the name [TEXTURES] in it

I wanted to thank my Patrons for contributing to this set; we had some fun conversations and ended up with the name and a couple of objects inspired by that reference 😉

Anyway, this is an updated version of an older set. These are mostly new files and take up a LOT less space. Please know you’ll have to replace these on any lots where you used the old files. I know it’s inconvenient but it’s the price of progress I guess.

Honestly there are quite a few things going on with this set so I suggest you check out my video HERE for how to use all the pieces in this set. It also goes over the Book Fixes/Edits found HERE.

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