Cats & Dogs World Objects

Required: EP04 - Cats & Dogs

You may need the MOO cheat enabled to place some of these.

  • Most debug objects

I liberated everything that seemed worthwhile from debug. Fences can be found in the gates section of build. There’s a small mesh edit I made to the short lattice fence to make the lattice show on both sides instead of just one. The cemetery gate and matching fences (routable by cats) are found in sculptures instead. Statues and other miscellaneous deco pieces should be found in sculptures and clutter. I liberated a few dog toys that were only available for purchase through stalls, now you can find them in your catalog alongside the others.

Plants and rocks can be found in their respective sections. The moving banner flag is in outdoor lighting as it’s supposed to fit an outdoor lamppost. You will probably need the MOO cheat for the banner and you may need to move it up or down to get it where you want it. I’ve made the fishing floats able to be attached to walls, but you can place them anywhere using MOO…these can be found in wall sculptures.


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