Creekside Vale CC Dump

Required: Various, See Below

To keep the files small these may rely on another object for their textures. They are searchable by ‘BrazenLotus’ in the catalog. You may need the ‘bb.moveobjects’ on cheat enabled to place everywhere.  

Objects Included:

  • EP04 – Coastal Carries Ottoman Coffee Table
  • EP04 – Revolutionary Wall Shelf – Actual 2-tile
  • EP04 – Revolutionary Wall Shelf Override – Add Slots
  • EP05 – Vintage Vista 1-tile Window
  • GP04 – Valted Victorian Chandelier – Shorter
  • SP09 & GP02 – Vintage Glamour Drink Tray

Not much to most of these, just some quick edits/remakes of existing stuff. The Vintage Glamour Drink tray functions like the Spa Day drink tray and allows you to serve bubbly drinks from it.

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