De Ensueno Bed Set

Required: GP06 - Jungle Adventure

These rely on another in-game object for it’s textures to keep the file size small. Any objects that have their own textures are denoted by an asterisk (*).

Double and Single Mattresses can be found in Comfort > Beds. Double and Single Frames, pillows, and/or curtains can be found in Comfort > Misc. Toddler Mattresses and Frames can be found in Kids > Toddlers

The following files are included in the download:

  • Cama De Ensueno – Double Frame
  • Cama De Ensueno – Double Mattress
  • Camita De Ensuino – Single Mattress
  • Camita De Ensuino – Single Frame
  • Camita De Ensuino – Toddler Frame
  • Camita De Ensuino – Toddler Mattress*
  • Cama De Ensueno – HIDER
  • Camita De Enuino -HIDER

The toddler mattress is portable in case you want to use it instead of the base game version on your vacation to Selvadorada.

All mattresses maintain their original stats. I’ve used the original price of the bed and split it between the mattress and the frame. The mattress is 1/3 of that price, and the frame is 2/3.

Files with the name ‘HIDER’ will hide all the original beds so they don’t show up in the catalog.

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  • 20/01/11 – updated for university, general tidying and recategorizing
  • 19/11/29 – Removed long versions, updated text, updated frame mesh, updated for University & RoM

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