Eat Harvestables Fills More Hunger

Required: Base game and Vampires

This is a mod that will overwrite in-game resources. Any mod that uses these resources will conflict, see below for details.

LAST UPDATE → 06/23/18 → PATCH 1.44.77
  • loot_Buff_EatHarvestable (resource #0000000000019322)
  • loot_Buff_EatHarvestable_HungerBonus (resource #000000000002CD82)
  • loot_Buff_Vampire_PlasmaFruit (resource #0000000000025734)

So I adjusted the hunger fill to be about 1/3 of what you would get if you ate a salad. I figured a salad is the equivalent of like 3 harvestables so it seemed legit 🙂 I increased the Vampire thirst fill for the plasma harvestable by the proportionate amount. You can pick if you want to use just one file or both!

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