Flower Arrangement Fridge

Required: EP01 & EP05 - Get to Work & Seasons

To keep the files small, these rely on the original in-game object for their textures . They are searchable by ‘BrazenLotus’ in the catalog. You may need the MOO cheat to place these in all slots

This fridge will allow you to display your flower arrangements and set them for sale while keeping them from wilting. You can use this display for anything, but know it will ONLY keep flower arrangements from wilting and will not preserve anything else.

This is not a container, it works similar to the fridge display and has slots to put objects on instead. If you want to use all the slots you’ll need to use the bb.moveobjects on cheat. Also try to keep it on a wall so the back side is not route-able to Sims. Sims will go around the back of the fridge to view the items for sale if you don’t and it just looks weird. If I find a solution I’ll update the file later.

Let me know if you encounter any issues please 😀

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