Foraging Mod

Required: BG - Base Game+

This is a mod containing multiple tuning files. Although I believe EP01 – Get to Work may required for any sicknesses to show up properly, the mod should still function without this expansion.

What this Mod Does:


The following is included in the download file:

  • MOD – Shared Object Tunings
  • New Plant Files
  • Override Plant Files
This mod adds a foraging interaction to some of the plants in-game. When you forage you will find different fruits, veggies, herbs, and bugs depending on the type of plant you forage from. You will also have an option on trees and bushes to forage for wood, which can be used as ingredients for some of my other mods. Here is a quick list of the different plant types of plants you can forage from: 
  • Bushes
  • Flowers
  • Grasses
  • Rocks
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
There are 2 types of plant files included, and a link to some rocks that needed to use this mod. You can use them separately or all together.
  1. Foraging Plants – New Files – adds some plants to the game that cost 0 simoleons that you can forage from. Their names start with ‘Forage-able…’ These are good for people wanting play survival or history challenges and includes base game objects only.
  2. Foraging Plants – Overrides Files – this overrides a bunch of plants in-game so that you can forage from them; you’ll find options for other expansion/game packs as well as base game. I’ll be adding more in the future.
  3. Rock Files – you’ll need to download my objects HERE for foraging rocks. I’ll be adding more in the future.

Please read the ‘How it Works’ tab for more details!

The following is needed for the wood ingredients to show up in your game:

  • Sims can only forage during the day.
  • There is now an option to ‘Forage for Wood’; this will give you wood logs or wood twigs that you can use with some of my other mods
  • In general, sims will find berries, roots, mushrooms, herbs, and insects. My custom harvestables are included.
  • Sims will have a chance to get multiple items from several groups of item types (like berries, insects, and mushrooms)
  • Each type of plant will have a unique group of items to forage for, an example of this is if a sim forages in grass they will have a chance to find roots, stink bugs, locusts, and certain herbs. 
  • Sims can fail at foraging and will find scraps or parts instead.
  • Sims that have the Collectors, Love the Outdoors, Survivalists, and One with Nature traits have a higher chance of succeeding at foraging.
  • Sims who have the Survivalist, One with Nature traits and have the witch perk Incredible Forager will get twice as many items when they succeed at foraging. 
  • Sims may not find anything while foraging. In this case they will get some scraps or an upgrade part.
  • Sometimes sims will be unfortunate and be hurt/scared by something while foraging.
  • Another less common result (which may require EP01) is that your sim may suffer from an affliction and get sick
  • Some negative buffs will prevent your sim from foraging
  • If your sim gets the ‘Feeling Lucky’ buff, they will have a better chance at being successful while foraging

These files have been overridden, I’ve also listed they type of plant it’s categorized as: 

  • American Beech – Tree
  • Assorted Wildflowers – Flower
  • Bulbous Bush – Bush
  • Green Green Grass – Grass
  • Hawthorne – Tree
  • Japanese Beech – Tree
  •  Lovely Lavender Hedge – Flower
  • Low Lying Pale Flowers – Shrub
  • Mesquite Tree – Tree
  • Not Grass Grass – Water Plants
  • Oppsa Daisies – Flowers
  • Red Red Shrub – Flowers
  • Shaggiluscious Flowers – Flower
  • Sunrose Bush – Flower
  • Unkept Shrubbery Tall & Wide – Bush
  • Upright Cherry Tree – Tree
  • Wild Grass – Shrub
  • EP04 Dogwood – Tree
  • EP04 White Birch – Tree
  • EP07 Bougainallea – Flower
  • EP07 Breadfruit – Tree
  • EP07 Naupaka – Shrub
  • EP07 Plumeris – Flower
  • EP07 Poinciana – Tree
  • GP01 Dry Pine – Tree
  • GP01 Forest Fern – Shrub
  • GP01 Forest Flowers – Flowers
  • GP01 Granite Falls Blossoms – Flowers
  • GP01 Mighty Hawthorne – Tree
  • GP01 Small Fern – Shrub
  • GP06 Brazilwood – Tree
  • GP06 – Ficus – Tree
  • GP06 Grass CLump – Grass
  • GP06 Jalapa – Shrub
  • GP06 – SwissCheese – Shrub
This file may contain resources that you are not currently using but it should not effect your game negatively. If you happen across an issue please let me know asap!
To install, open the zip then drag and drop into your mods folder. 

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  • updated for patch
  • added Chinese Translations thanks to mumulinovo!
  • removed wood ingredient and created a new post for it here


  • fixed issue with forage interaction not showing up on plants
  • fixed issue with wood going into family inventory instead of sim inventory
  • increased success chances for wood foraging
  • updated/added text
  • extended the times during the day that foraging is available
  • added tooltips to tell you why your sim can’t forage
  • made Poison Plant & Venom Bite buffs stronger
  • Poison Plant buff will now make your sim stressed for a short time in addition to being uncomfortable
  • made it so sims with any stressed or dazed buffs can’t forage


  • fixed string tables, added Raspberry


  • fixed a few issues with tuning, added option to forage for wood

Ideally you should store this file with any other [MOD] files in a separate folder to so it’s easy to update in the future.

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