Functional Wall Epitaphs

Required: BG & GP04 - Base Game and Vampires

These objects may rely on in game textures to keep the file sizes small.

Objects Included:

  • BG – Wall Epitaph [REQUIRED]
  • BG – Wall Epitaph Classic
  • BG – Wall epitaph Fancy Marble
  • GP04 – Wall Epitaph Granite
  • GP04 – Wall Epitaph Slab

All of these objects need the [REQUIRED] file to work. 

These have a bunch of features. You can engrave them like you would a tombstone for the urns you place on the shelf at the bottom of them. You can also ‘Read Epitaph’ and it will cause your sim to cry and get a sad moodlet that will last for 4 hours unless they are Evil, and in that case will get a happy buff instead. If that wasn’t enough sadness for you, you can enable the emotional aura on these to give any sim in it’s vicinity a sad moodlet too.

The great thing about the Wall Epitaphs is that if the lot is set to a museum, other sims will come to the venue and automatically ‘Read Epitaph’ which will eventually fill your lot with sad sims.

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