Garden Sprinkler 2.0

Required: Base game

This is a new object with it’s own tuning and should not conflict with anything else.

  • Garden Sprinkler Auto 2.0

Well I you all can enjoy these for a couple of weeks until Seasons comes out lol. These sprinklers are cheaper than the last ones, water about a 3×3 area, and have an interaction for your sims to play in them.

They’re automatic, so they run at specific times during the day starting at 4 and coming on about every 5 hours or so. Sims will receive a playful buff if they’ve played in them long enough, and sims with certain traits or moods won’t be able to play in them at all.

Sims have a chance to produce a puddle while playing in them, I kept it reasonable though so as long as you don’t have a bunch of sims playing in them at the same time it shouldn’t be a lot. Also toddlers and children will play in them autonomously because that’s just what kids do 😉

You can find them in Activities Misc, Outdoors, and Trees.

Let me know if you guys have any issues!

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