Required: Base Game

Compatible with Seasons

This is a new object with new textures.


Special Attributes:

This plant needs more water than the average plant.

Moisture Loving

This plant will go dormant if exposed to freezing temperatures.

Freeze Damage

This plant thrives in heat and will give an extra crop during a heat wave.

Loves Heat

The following is included in the download file:

  • Ginger Herb Harvestable

This plant will have foliage that changes color from the Summer to Winter then go dormant in the Spring. It’s a tropical plant so it loves moisture and tolerates heat well but it will go dormant if exposed to freezing temperatures.

To find this harvestable in Seed Packets and add it to your Gardening Notebook – see ‘Optional’ tab.

The script mod below is needed for this harvestable to show up Seed Packets and the Scarecrow’s Pockets. It also allows it to show up in your sim’s gardening notebook.

NOTE:  If you choose not to download this mod Your Sim will only have access to this harvestable from debug (with showhiddenobjects cheat) or from the grocery stall (if applicable). Also, when your Sim researches this plant it will not be stored in your notebook.

I’ve made it so the Notebook Entry info also shows up under the plant description so you can see it when you hover over a plant as well as when you view your notebook in your Sim’s phone. You can see an example below: 

Some custom plants turn VERY dark indoors. I’ve already brought the issue up at Sims4Studio and as soon as a solution is found I’ll update my files. Until then, if you leave a wall open in the area you have your plants they will show properly.

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  • 20/03/10 – overhauled tuning
  • 19/10/15 – fixed notebook tuning, updated seed packet tunings
  • 19/10/11 – updated to work with spells & conservationist career
  • 19/05/26 – cleaned up and adjusted tuning, added notebook info
If you have a previous version of this harvestable it’s attributes and effects may not work properly after an update. There currently isn’t a fix so you may need to replant it.
Once you replant it, you can use cheats to bring the plant to the state the original plant was in. If you shift-click the newly planted dirt mound, you can choose to ‘Set Gardening State…’ and from there edit the ‘Growth Stage’ and ‘Plant Evolution’ to set it to the same level as the original plant. Choose ‘Blossoming’ if the plant was fruiting, and choose ‘Ready to Evolve’ to increase the quality, repeat to get to desired level.

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