Harvestable Seasons Overrides

Required: Base Game+

This is an override mod containing multiple tuning files. Any mod that uses those same resources will conflict. 

What this Mod Does:

  • Changes the settings for EA's harvestable seasonality
  • Makes it so that some plants keep their leaves when they're not in-season
  • Adjusts how many harvestables spawn on the plant
  • Makes some other small adjustments for immersion

The following is included in the download file:

  • MOD-EA – Season Adjustments
  • MOD-EA – Season Adjustments Public

I’ve separated these files from the Harvestable Plant Overhaul mod because it needs updating more frequently, although both mods are intended to be used together.

I’ve also re-worked this mod and made edits to ALL harvestables in game so far except harvestables like the money tree, emotional berries etc. 

In general I’ve made all seasons more realistic for all EA plants, including edits that make it so some plants will still have foliage outside of their harvesting seasons. This not only feels more true to life but it also keeps your garden from looking completely barren in less fruitful seasons.

I’ve updated the number of harvestables you can get from each plant based on the type of plant and how many seasons it you can harvest from it. 

Alien harvestables will give you more fruit indoors; made sense to me that a plant from an alien planet would do better in a controlled environment. I also made trash plants more prone to bugs (because it’s trash), made the plasma tree give 10 fruit every day all seasons, and made the mosquito plant not get bugs at all.

I’ve also changed the format of the download – there are now only 2 files that allow you choose between all regular plants, and public plants (like plants that show up in the community gardens in-world or at city events). 

This mod overrides the Object Tunings for all objects listed.

  • Most Harvestable Plants
To install, open the zip then drag and drop into your mods folder. 

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  • 20/03/10 – split this mod from the Harvestable Plant Overhaul mod into it’s own post
I recommend creating a separate folder for my [MODS] files so when you’re notified of an update you can find and update them easily.

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