Hay Bale Surfaces & Seating

Required: EP05 - Seasons

These objects share textures so be sure to download and add the appropriate TEXTURES file to your mods folder. You may need to use the ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat to place objects in all slots. 

Objects Included:

  • Hay [TEXTURES] (required)
  • Hay Bale Chair
  • Hay Bale Coffee Table
  • Hay Bale End Table
  • Hay Bale Sofa
  • Hay Bale Rectangle
  • Hay Bale Square
  • Scattered Hay Rug – Large
  • Scattered Hay Rug – Small
  • Scattered Hay Rug – Single

These started out just as small tables then evolved into seating then some larger tables. Of course I had to make some rugs to go with because there’s no way you have hay bales laying around without some hay laying around. 

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