Inventory Not Shared

Required: Base Game +

This mod will override in-game resources and may need to be updated with new game patches. Any mod that uses those same resources will conflict. See below for details. 

What this Mod Does:

  • Fridges, Storage Chests, Retail Fridges, Warming Racks, & Digital Frames will no longer share their inventory with objects of the same type.


  • No Shared Inventory
Some objects, like fridges and storage chests, share an inventory. If you put an apple in a chest that’s in your bedroom, you can grab it from a completely different chest in the basement. With this mod Storage Chests, Retail Fridges, and Warming Racks will have their own inventory so you will only be able to access your stored items from the specific object you stored it in. 
Only use one of the files above.

I originally created this for my Farmers Market objects, but found it to be pretty useful overall. I really like that this helps me sort items more easily for those Sims who love to collect things. 

This file overrides the following resources:
  • objects.components.inventory_type_tuning
To install, open the zip then drag and drop the .ts4script files into your mods folder. Do NOT unzip the .ts4script files!
This file is a separate download because multiple objects use/will use the same tuning. It makes installing and updating these resources easier.
NOTE: Be mindful of how many of these storage objects you put on a lot. The game still has to keep track of each inventory and I’m sure it will cause lag if you have too many of them.
To install, open the zip then drag and drop the .ts4script files into your mods folder. Do NOT unzip the .ts4script files!

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Any updates to this file will be listed here and not on the object page that referred you. I recommend creating a separate folder for my [MODS] files so when you’re notified of an update they are all in one spot and easy to find.

  • 19/08/03 – Added an ‘ALL’ version of the file
  • 19/03/29 – Added Fridges
  • 19/02/16 – Replaced files with script version and created individual files.
  • 19/08/14 – Removed script version and added override version; added option for digital frames; removed option for digital frames

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