Jaipur Fringed and Mythos Rugs

Required: BG - Base Game

These are new objects with new textures. Be sure to add the _TEXTURES file to your mods folder or these objects will not work.

  • Jaipur Fringed Rug – 3×2
  • Jaipur Fringed Rug – 3×3
  • Jaipur Fringed Rug – 4×3
  • Jaipur Fringed Rug – 4×4
  • Jaipur Fringed Rug – 5×3
  • Jaipur Fringed Rug TEXTURES
  • Jaipur Mythos Rug – 3×2

I’ve actually been wanting some rugs like this for a while now so I’m actually glad I finally got to them. I didn’t make the Mythos rug into other sizes because I didn’t really care for them all that much, but I went through the trouble of making them so I figured I’d share.

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