Jungle Adventure World Objects

Requires: gp06 – Jungle adventure

To keep the files small, these rely on the original in-game object for their textures. These objects are overrides and will replace the original resources unless otherwise stated below.

Objects included:

  • Ancient Offering Bowls
  • Ancient Spinning Sculpture
  • Ancient Talking Statue
  • Boulder 06
  • Boulder 06 Moss
  • Broken Pavers 01
  • Broken Pavers 02
  • Chisel
  • Crates 01
  • Cypress
  • Emotional Plate
  • Fence Rural
  • Fence Rural Cap
  • Ficus 01
  • Fountain Large (planter)
  • Ivy Tall
  • Ivy Wall 01
  • Ivy Wall 02
  • Ivy Wall 02 Corner
  • Lamp Post – functional
  • Large Jungle Vines
  • Oak Moss Tree
  • Oak Simple Tree
  • Omiscan Machete
  • Pillar of Surprises
  • Plane Crash
  • Plant Lot 10×10
  • Pool Fountain Post (no animation)
  • Round Leaf Tree
  • Ruins Columns Tall
  • Ruins Half Column
  • Ruins Half Wall
  • Ruins Pieces – Column
  • Ruins Pieces – Wall 01
  • Ruins Pieces – Wall 02
  • Ruins Pieces – Wall 03
  • Ruins Pieces – Wall Corner
  • Ruins Wall Window Tall
  • Skeleton Statues
  • String Light 01 – functional
  • String light 02 – functional
  • String light post
  • Temple Trap Gate
  • Fine 02
  • Vine 03
  • Vine 04
  • Worked to the Bone

This took entirely too long to finish. I had everything liberated but then I went in game, started taking pictures, and tested a sim around everything and realized some of it needed some extra tlc.

The Broken Pavers, Lamp Post, and String Lights are all new. The lights are now functional and I made them so that they are already at the proper height for the light post. To be honest, these are a PITA to move around but they look pretty amazing once they get set up. You may shift them up using MOO so they will fit the posts from the City Living pack, and I made them so that your sims will be able to route under them. I’m also thinking about making these into a set later to match my other lights HERE.

I had to remake the pavers as well. They now sit on the ground properly and allow your sims to route over/through them. All of the temple stuff still kind of works, but not really. I thought about making them deco but I kinda like being able to have my sims mess around with them and get bone dust 😉

If you don’t have my files in game, yes, some of the objects can be found already in catalog. But you have to enable debug mode, then go to the search bar and enter the exact name of the object for it to show up. That’s just too much work for me so I’ve included them above lol.

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4 thoughts on “Jungle Adventure World Objects

  1. First off, thank you so much for all of your awesome work! It’s so nice to have access to all of the goodies in the game! I am having one small issues though and it could just be me. When I use the vines from this pack and switch from build to live mode, some of the vines disappear. I have tested them indoors, outdoors, connected to buildings and free standing. The first one works as intended and does not vanish but 02 and on disappear for me. Just thought I would ask about this. Have a great weekend!

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