Laundry Clutter

Required: SP13 - Laundry day

To keep the files small, these rely on the original in-game object for their textures. They are searchable by ‘BrazenLotus’ in the catalog. You may need the MOO cheat enabled to place in all slots.

  • Clean Sweep – Dustpan
  • Clean Sweep – Leaning Broom
  • Clothing Pile Deco
  • Folded Clothing Deco
  • Galvanized Pitcher
  • LaundryMade Deluxe – Decorative Box
  • LaundryMade Deluxe – Towels Stack
  • LaundryMade Essentials – Basket of Messy Towels
  • LaundryMade Essentials – Basket of Neat Towels
  • LaundryMade Essentials – Clothes Iron
  • LaundryMade Essentials – Square Deco Box
  • Muck Down – Hanging Coat
  • Muck Down – Hanging Raincoat
  • Muck Down – Wall Hook
  • When Life Gives You Linens – Rustic Money Tin
  • When Life Gives You Linens – Rustic Tin

The clothing pile and folded clothing I’ve made to be deco so you can use them around your house without worrying about them becoming stinky.  I’m not sure what you can use the wall hook for specifically, but it was such a nice mesh I couldn’t resist.

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