Get Famous World Objects

Required: BG & EP06

To keep the files small, these rely on the original in-game object for their textures. These objects are overrides and will replace the original resources unless otherwise stated below.

Objects Included:

  • BG – Blow Dryer – New
  • BG – Color Swatch Fan – New
  • BG – Double Streetlight & Banner
  • BG – Factory Fence, Long Fence, No Post Fence, Post
  • BG – Garage Door – New
  • BG – Hairspray – New
  • BG – Iron Fence, Long Fence, Post
  • BG – Iron Fence Tall, Post
  • BG – Tall Dry Green Grass Shrub
  • BG – Tall Dry Green Grass Shrub Small
  • BG – Single Streetlight and Banner
  • BG – Parking Sign 01, 02, 03
  • BG – Neon Rooftop Sign 01, 02, 03
  • BG – Sculpture 01, 02, 03, 04
  • BG – Tall Wall Fence, Long Fence, Post
  • BG – Wire Fence 01, Long Fence 01, No Post Fence 01, Post 01
  • BG – Wire Fence 02, No Post Fence 02, Post 02
  • BG – Wheeled Trash Bin – Override Recolors
  • EP06 – All Quiet on  Set House Light – New (functional hanging lamp)
  • EP06 – Billboard On Pylon, On Pylon Catwalk, Rooftop
  • EP06 – Catering Table High End*, Low End*
  • EP06 – Eye Makeup Clutter – New
  • EP06 – Flaming Comedy Neon Sign
  • EP06 – Golf Cart
  • EP06 – Large Stage Crates
  • EP06 – Lighted Palm
  • EP06 – Nothing To See Boxes
  • EP06 – Solar Panels
  • EP06 – Studio Backdrop Sidewalk*, Sky, Western 1*, Western 2*
  • EP06 – Studio Guard Gate*, Station*, Water Tower*
  • EP06 – Toy Collection Animals, Dolls, Vehicles – New
  • EP06 – Western Lampost

These are liberated from the game so that you can use them on your lots. All these files take up very little space because they’re overrides except for the files labeled as ‘New’. Those files are a little big larger because for one reason or another I couldn’t get the override to function the way I wanted it to.

Files with an asterisk are found in the catalog only after using the cheat ‘bb.showhiddenobjects’. This is because these objects are specialty items that you probably won’t use a lot and I wanted to keep the catalog a bit more tidy.

All fences are found in ‘Gates’ in the build catalog. They don’t function like normal fences but should snap together nicely.

The Catering Tables are bit cheaty. If you place them on your lot food will forever spawn in the slots on the table at no cost so keep that in mind when using it.

And lastly, the solar panel has a weird footprint to it and since this is an override I didn’t want to change it and mess something up in-world so I left it. I may create a better, functional version of this in the future.


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