Oakenstead Farm

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Lot Details:

  • Residential
  • 50×50 Lot
  • § 193,266
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 1 Bath
  • Empty 2nd Floor Space
  • Work/Hobby Shed
  • Underground Bunker
  • Orchard
  • Harvestable Gardening Areas
  • Flower Garden

This lot is meant to be placed on the 50×50 spot in Sage Estates. 

I build this lot with the idea in mind that whoever lives on this lot would own the Farmers Market as well. I’ve created plenty of space for all your harvestables and included starter plants of all in-game harvestables as well as the majority of my custom harvestables up to this point in time.

I’ve also created a little flower garden where I mixed landscaping flowers with harvestable flowers and a couple of gnomes 🙂 This looks really good when the Monarch butterflies spawn on the Lavender and the whole area is a nice break from all the rigid lines that make up the harvestable planting areas.

There are signs setup for some of the planting areas and some Beeboxes setup near those. I’ve also included a separate boggy planter area for your cranberries near the shed.

The interior is pretty simple – there’s a couple of bedrooms, a large bath, and a small art studio with 2 different living spaces. I left the smaller second floor empty for you to do what you like with. I’ve made an outbuilding that functions as a work/crafting area and it features a woodworking table and a flower arranging table.

Hidden behind that is a stairway that leads underground to a hidden bunker that has everything your sim needs to survive in the event they can’t take being around other people lol.

  1. Make sure you have the bb.moveobjects on cheat enabled.
  2. Move the files from the zip file into their respective folders inside of –> Documents > Electonic Arts > The Sims 4.

This lot has been retired.

Lot Owner PLUS Patrons may have access to this lot as a one-time download. For details, or to become a Lot Owner PLUS, see my Patreon page.

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