Parenthood Family Clutter

Required: GP05 - Parenthood

To keep the files small, these rely on the original in-game object for their textures . They are searchable by ‘BrazenLotus’ in the catalog. You may need the MOO cheat enabled to place in all slots.

  • Brohill Dresser – Books
  • Brohill Story Time – Board Games 2 Stack
  • Brohill Story Time – Board Games 3 Stack
  • Brohill Story Time – Photo box
  • Brohill Story Time – Records
  • No Mess Here – Canvas Basket Patterned
  • No Mess Here – Canvas Basket Solid
  • Rustic Square Table – Book Pile
  • Such A Square – Board Game

Some of these aren’t the greatest textures but I still thought they’d be a nice addition to clutter a family room.

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