Plant Shadow Fixes

Required: Various

This is a new mod that may need to be updated with new game patches. To keep the file sizes small, these may rely on another object for it’s textures. See details below.

Object Features:


Can be found in Plants. The following is included in the download file:

  • BG – Lucky Citrus Tree
  • BG – My Own Private Eden Shrub
  • BG – Neighborly Windowbox
  • BG – Regal Planter
  • BG – Retirement Mangrove Palm
  • BG – Statement Planter
  • BG – Windowbox of Superiority
  • EP01 – Natures Hyjinks Boxwood
  • EP03 – Duo-Piary
  • EP03 – Lonely Cypress
  • EP03 – Ring of Flowers
  • EP03 – Tri-Piary
  • EP03 – Victorian Garden Planter
  • EP07 – Assemblage of Leaves
  • EP07 – Duo Toned Exotic Plant
  • EP08 – Rough Around the Edges Planter
  • GP03 – Planted Life Wall
  • GP06 – Lonely Potted Tree
  • GP06 – Potted Jungle Fern
  • SP13 – Barry Potters Plant
I noticed some of the plants in game had this really dark shadow around them when placed inside, so I went ahead and made them lighter. Enjoy!

To install, open the zip then drag and drop into your mods folder. 

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Ideally you should store this file with any other [MOD] files in a separate folder to so it’s easy to update in the future.

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