Portable Market Objects

Required: GP01, EP01 - Outdoor Retreat, Get to Work

This is a new mod that may need to be updated with new game patches. To keep the file sizes small, these may rely on another object for it’s textures. See details below.

Object Features:


Can be found in Dining Chairs, Rugs, and Outdoor Activities.

  • EP03 – Foldy the Foldable Metal Chair – Portable
  • EP03 – It’s Not a Tarp 4×4 – Portable
  • GP01 – It’s a Tarp 4×4- Portable
  • GP01 – Market Tent – Portable 
These objects are all portable and can be stored in your Sim’s inventory. The Chair and the Market Tent can be used in the world. 

You’ll need to install the file below for these objects to work.

This file is a separate download because multiple objects use/will use the same tuning. It makes installing and updating these resources easier.

You will not be able to place the rugs off-lot, in world areas because you can’t pick them back up. 

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I recommend creating a separate folder for my [MODS] files so when you’re notified of an update they are all in one spot and easy to find.

  • 19/08/04 – Tested
  • 19/02/21 – Updated for patch 1.50

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