Stockable Produce Displays

Required: EP01 - Get To Work

These are new objects. To keep the file sizes small, these may rely on another object for it’s textures.

Object Features:

  • Can store produce inside and display in slots
  • Is portable and can be put into Sim's inventory
  • Sims can 'Stock' produce from inventory to surface slots
  • Sims can 'Take All' items from the basket
  • Sims can 'Clear Surface' to take items from slots
  • SFS version automatically marks stocked produce For Sale


Be sure to download and install the TEXTURES file or these won’t show up properly. They come in the same wood colors as the Garden Planter Box and can be found in Displays, Outdoor Activities, & Retail.

  • EP01 – Retail Display- Textures
  • EP01 – Retail Display – Bushel Basket
  • EP01 – Retail Display – Spilled Bushel Basket
  • EP01 – Retail Display – Pint Basket
  • EP01 – Retail Display – Bushel Basket – SFS
  • EP01 – Retail Display – Spilled Bushel Basket – SFS
  • EP01 – Produce Display – Pint Basket – SFS

The first file is required for the bushel objects texture to show up properly. The rest of the files are the actual objects, you can use them all together or individually.

These have an inventory as well as slots to put items on to Set For Sale. If you want these to have their own inventory you’ll need my Inventory Not Shared Mod. These objects are also portable so you can take them from your lot to your retail store!

There are several interactions sims can have with these displays:

  • Stock – this will automatically stock the slots on the display with whatever is inside
  • Take All – this will pull everything from the item slots AND the items inside the storage and put them into your Sim’s inventory
  • Clear Surface – this will pull everything from the display slots and put them into your Sim’s inventory

The ‘SFS’ versions will set anything that you stock For Sale automatically so you don’t have to make your sim do it one at a time. When I was testing these out I found it better to have some of them to use just as displays to fill in-between the SFS versions.

Once I made the second version it became hard to tell the difference between the 2 versions I also decided to add the option to label these. Even if you don’t choose to label them you can still see which version it is by hovering over it.

You’ll need to install the file at the link below for the Stockable Produce Displays to work. 

Make sure you have the most recent version of the file above to ensure these objects work properly. This is a separate download because several objects I’ve made use this file and it makes installing/updating these resources easier.

The mod below will make it so that each of your Produce Stands will have it’s own inventory rather than sharing it with other retail fridges or storage chests.

To avoid having issues with lag, don’t use too many of these on a lot. I can’t tell you how many, but it will ultimately depend on your computer. 

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  • 20/04/18 – Overhauled tuning, edited 2nd version to be display that auto sets for sale items, added back portable functionality, added option to ‘Clear Surface’ 
  • 19/11/18 – Changed tuning, changed names & updated descriptions.
  • 19/08/04 – Tested
  • 19/03/29 – Removed portable functionality, fixed routing issues to displays, removed option to allow baskets to become dirty and need to be cleaned

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2 thoughts on “Stockable Produce Displays

  1. Something got broken in this mod with the Island expansion update. When I try to sell from these displays I get a recurring last exception error. Without the items in the displays being flagged for sale it works fine.

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