Pumpkin Pie

Required: EP01 - Get to Work


  • Custom Buff Chance 
  • Custom Meshes/Textures
  • Custom Recipe Steps
  • Sims Won’t Eat After Cooking
  • Available in Restaurant Menus (Dine Out)
  • Pack into Sack (Parenthood)

This was a suggestion (and a very good one at that) from a Patron. I LOVE pumpkin pie, t’s about the only thing I’ll eat at Thanksgiving dinner besides ham.

If you have the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe, you’ll have a chance to get a Pile of Pumpkin Seeds once you’ve finished cooking.

You only need one copy of the ‘Food Recipes – Pumpkin BG [REQUIRED]’ file for all your pumpkin recipes. This file is separate because all of the pumpkin recipes use the information it contains and it keeps you from having duplicate resources in your game.

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