Pumpkin Pie

Required: EP01 - Get to Work

Available in Dine out restaurants

This is a new object with new textures.

Recipe Info:

  • Ingredients:  Green Heirloom Pumpkin
  • Skill:  Baking Lvl. 4
  • Cost:  §23
  • Vegetarian Safe


Ingredients Used:

Follow the links in the images below to download!

Can be cooked from The Fresh Plate Cookbook. If you would like to cook this recipe from your Stove or Fridge see the ‘Optional’ tab above.

  • recipeStove – EP01 – Baking – Pumpkin Pie

This was a suggestion (and a very good one at that) from a Patron. I LOVE pumpkin pie, t’s about the only thing I’ll eat at Thanksgiving dinner besides ham.

If you have the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe, you’ll have a chance to get a Pile of Pumpkin Seeds once you’ve finished cooking.

You will need the following files to cook this recipe…

You only need one copy of each file for all my custom recipes. Make sure you are using the most recent version as both will be updated with new recipes.

The mod below, made by Andrew at Sims4Studio, will allow you to cook this recipe from the Fridge, Stove, Grill, etc. If appropriate, it will also allow this recipe to be cooked autonomously.

You only need one copy of this file for ALL my custom food & crafting recipes. Make sure you are using the most recent version.

Note: It’s possible for you to cook my custom recipes using this mod instead of the Fresh Plate Cookbook. If you use both you get the benefit of being able to cook this recipe even if one of them breaks, as well adding this to the list of recipes Sims will cook autonomously. I recommend using both!

The cost of this recipe is equal to the cost of ingredients; harvestables are calculated at 75% of their cost. If you have all of the listed ingredients it will reduce the cost to or near §0. 
The ingredients for this recipe are scaled. 4 servings will require 2x the ingredients and 8 servings will require 4x the ingredients.

Sims will not automatically consume the dish once it’s completed. This gives you some time to move and set the dish for sale before your sim tries to eat it.

To install, open the zip then drag and drop into your mods folder. 

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  • 20/06/06 – updated for patch, added Chinese Translations thanks to mumulinovo!
  • 20/03/24 – completely overhauled files

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2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie

  1. i have a question, I am fairly new to using mods so this could ultimately be something I did wrong, I’m using winzip to unzip all my mod files. . I downloaded this recipe and a few more and when I try to open it I get a error that says does not appear to be a valid archive. Do I need to extract this file with a different program?

    1. I’m sorry to be so late answering this – I didn’t get a notice for your message for some reason. This should be fixed now – let me know if you have any other issues.

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