Problems with My Content?

1.  Make sure you’ve read all the information in the tabs on the content download page and that you have all the required files installed.

2.  Check the updates tab on the content download page to make sure you’re using the most current file version. You can check to make sure the file details match the most updated version if you’re unsure.

3.  If you installed an updated version of one of my mods, try Clearing Your Cache in The Sims 4 (bottom of page).

4.  If you’re still having an issue, remove all but that piece of content from your mods folder and test it out in game. If the issue is still there, fill out the form below.


If the issue is gone, that means there is a conflict with another piece of custom content in your mods folder. You’ll need to test different pieces of content together in-game to find the conflicting file.


If that conflicting content turns out to be mine, fill out the form below. 

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