Riverside Farmer’s Market

Custom Content:

  • MY CUSTOM CONTENT – Included in Download
  • SHOPPING LIST – included in Download

Lot Details:

  • Retail
  • 40×30 Lot
  • §120,742 
  • Produce, Fish, Flower, Spice, Preserves, Gardening, and Painting Stalls
  • Empty Stall
  • Outdoor Area for Sales Tables
  • Seasonal Display Area near Entrance

New Objects for Lot:

  • EP01 – Produce Crate – WIP version
  • EP01 – Produce Display – Bushel Basket
  • EP01 – Produce Display – Bushel Basket Spilled
  • EP01 – Produce Display – Pint Basket
  • [MOD] – EP01 – Retail Object Tunings – UPDATED
  • EP03 – It’s Not a Tarp 4×4
  • BG – Raw Wood Floor in Brazen’s Farmers Market colors
  • GP01 – It’s a Tarp 4×4
  • GP01 – Market Tent
  • GP06 – Jungle Basket Remesh
  • Various Liberated World Objects

This lot is meant to be placed on the 40×30 spot along the river in Willow Creek. 

I’ve filled it out well enough so it can be used as-is and still feel immersive until all the stall sets are done. I left a stall empty for you to decorate yourself and if you fill it and need more space you can always remove some of the Vendor Stalls and use that space. I also made a mod that tweaks the behavior and cost of the vendor stalls HERE.

The outdoor area with the tents is intended to be used for buskers and sales tables. I filled them all but feel free to empty a couple so that sims can bring their own stuff and set up their tables on this lot. 

There are two outdoor bathrooms and I’ve outfitted most stalls with a utility sink so Sims can keep their hands clean. Each stall has a gate or a door that you can lock so only employees can be behind the counters.

I’ve setup some surfaces in the front of the market for seasonal displays like flower arrangements for the spring or carved pumpkins for the fall. 

You’ll need Get to Work for the Produce Stands and Produce Display Baskets to work. 

If you want to use the baskets the way I’ve intended you’ll also need the Inventory Not Shared mod which will make it so that the baskets each have their own inventory instead of sharing an inventory.

I’ve made the tent portable so you can put it in your inventory and take it along with your table, although you won’t need it if your sims plan to visit this lot.

  1. Make sure you have the bb.moveobjects on cheat enabled.
  2. Move the files from the zip file into their respective folders inside of –> Documents > Electonic Arts > The Sims 4.

This lot has been retired.

Lot Owner PLUS Patrons may have access to this lot as a one-time download. For details, or to become a Lot Owner PLUS, see my Patreon page.

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