Rock Add-Ons

Required: BG - Base Game

To keep the files small these may rely on another object for their textures. They are searchable by ‘BrazenLotus’ in the catalog. You may need the ‘bb.moveobjects’ on cheat enabled to place everywhere.  

Objects Included:

  • Apprentice Rock – override
  •  Hipster Duo Rock – override
  •  Rock of Wonder – override
  •  Silent Sentinal Rock – override
  •  Stone of Versatility Rock – override
  •  Lonely Boulder
  •  Lonely Half Rock
  •  Lonely Pair of Rocks
  •  Lonely Parent Rock
  •  Statuesque Small Rock

There are 12 colors for every rock now, all of them taken from rock textures already in game. I’ve made an override for the rocks in-game to include the new textures and I’ve made a few new rocks to give you more variety when landscaping.

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4 thoughts on “Rock Add-Ons

  1. Can I ask a question about the placing of the rocks on uneven terrain? Do these rocks sink into the terrain or float? I love to make cliffs and hide ugly terrain with rock walls and was wondering if these will work.

    1. They are the base game rocks so they’ll act however those do. You can always use the ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat to do that as well. 🙂

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