Required: EP02 - Get Together

These are new objects. They are searchable by ‘BrazenLotus’ in the catalog. The cutouts will enlarge when the object is enlarged.

  • Sunspot Skylight – End
  • Sunspot Skylight – Mid
  • The Rocka Dome Glass – Sml
  • The Rocka Dome Glass – Med
  • The Rocka Dome Glass – Lrg

I got sick of trying to make the sunspot awning into a skylight so I just turned the damned thing into what I needed. I used the glass dance floor to make these so they cutout the floor beneath them. The Sunspot has 2 pieces – an end piece and a middle piece. This allows you to to make your skylight as long as you like. Then I made the Rocka Dome roof deco into glass because that’s what it should have looked like in the first place! These come in 9 metal colors and 5 glass colors. The Sunspot Skylight colors don’t match the Rocka Dome exactly…but I tried.

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