Strangerville World Objects

Required: GP07 - Strangerville

Some of these objects are overrides and will replace the original object. See below for details.

There are a total of 76 objects and I’m super tired so I won’t be listing them but to give you an idea of what’s included…

  • Paper Clutter Objects
  • Crater Base Objects
  • Several Fences
  • Tileable Wall Lights in Several Sizes
  • A Few Rocks
  • LOTS of Street Deco like Utility Boxes and Junk Cars
  • Vehicles

All of the really large items, like the Crater Base stuff, can be found in Sculptures with the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat on. This includes all the vehicles.

All fences can be found in the ‘Gates’ section.

Other objects can be found in sculptures, clutter, rugs, and exterior wall attachments.

The Top Secret paper clutter was originally linked to the main story so I created new files for those and made them deco objects instead.

I made the awnings so they attach to the wall and the String Lights will need to be moved by shifting them up with the bb.moveobjects on cheat enabled.

If you’d like to share a lot using these objects be sure to follow my Creator Policy.

NOTE: If you plan on sharing a lot with these objects to the Gallery people do not need to have these files in their mods folder. Keep in mind though that you will need these objects in your mods folder before you save the lot and it will be tagged as custom content.

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