The Fresh Plate Cookbook 2

Required: BG - Base Game

This is a mod containing multiple tuning files.

What this Object Does...

  • Allows Sims to cook my custom recipes

This object can be found in Appliances > Small Appliances. The following is included in the download file:

  • MOD – The Fresh Plate Cookbook II

This is an updated version of my original cookbook, please delete the old one and install this instead.

I made this so Sims have access to all my custom recipes. I don’t have a lot of recipes right now but that will be changing in the near future. I will also be adding my ‘Seasonal’ menu back in one of the next updates.

This cookbook will be updated frequently, so make sure to re-download this if you download a new recipe.

To install, open the zip then drag and drop into your mods folder. 

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  • 20/06/06 – updated for patch, added Chinese Translations thanks to mumulinovo!

Ideally you should store this file with any other [MOD] files in a separate folder to so it’s easy to update in the future.

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