The Waterfront Commune

Custom Content:

  • MY CUSTOM CONTENT – Included in Download

Lot Details:

  • Residential
  • 40×30 Lot
  • §164,749
  • 6+ Bed, 3+ Bath

This lot is meant to be placed on the 40×30 spot in Port Promise, Evergreen Harbor.

This lot turned into a monster! I saw this lot and instantly knew I wanted to do a massive shipping container commune. I wanted most of it to stay the original concrete so gardening plants have planters waiting for them. 

There are a TON of rooms, some shared bathroom/showering facilities, large shared kitchen, and a large central garden. There are lots of planters that look like recycled materials like pallets, tires, and old containers like a washbin and stockpot.

I left a couple of rooms unfurnished because honestly there’s just not enough time to fill out this entire lot. It should be perfectly functional though, your sim should have everything they need if you want to just jump in and start playing! 

There’s a wellness room, plenty of eco-friendly goodies, several workshop areas, a couple of storage rooms, and a hangout area on a roof under a tree with lanterns. There is LOTS of stuff to do on this lot I hope you all enjoy it!

  1. Make sure you have the bb.moveobjects on cheat enabled.
  2. Move the files from the zip file into their respective folders inside of –> Documents > Electonic Arts > The Sims 4.

This lot has been retired.

Lot Owner PLUS Patrons may have access to this lot as a one-time download. For details, or to become a Lot Owner PLUS, see my Patreon page.

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