Translations for My CC

I’ve created a step-by-step on how to create any translated text for my cc and mods. I’m not sure if this is how everyone else does it, but this way makes it easier for me to include them when I’m updating my cc. You will need to download Sims 4 Studio before you start.

Note: The part of a package that contains all the language text for any cc or mod is called a String Table. These are the resources you will be working on in this tutorial. 

1. Open Sims 4 Studio and click the My Projects button:

2. Locate the cc package of mine that you’d like to translate:

3. Choose the Warehouse tab:

4. Click the Type heading to sort by names and group string tables:

(sometimes there will be multiple string tables for the same language, this makes it easier to see them so you don’t miss any)

5. Find and select the language you would like to translate and choose the Entries > Edit Items button to the right:

6. The next window that opens will show all the text I’ve used in individual lines on the left. You’ll want to choose a line, then use the Value on the right for your translation. DO NOT change or edit the Key, if you do the text won’t show up in game:

7. Once you have translated the text, type or paste it into the Value box on the right. Do this for each line on the left. When you are done click Save in the lower right corner of the window, then click Save in the lower right corner of the main screen:

8. Next, you want to remove all the other line-items (resources) from the package. Choose any line on the left side and ctrl-A to select everything. Then hold ctrl and select the strings you just translated. Lastly, hit the Delete button in the lower left of the screen:

9. The last thing you need to do is save the file! To do this you’ll need to choose File > Save As from the menu at the top left of your screen. You’ll need to append  the following to the end of the original file name before you save: 

_LanuageAbbreviation_by_CreatorName –> ex. (_EN_by_BrazenLotus)

Use the first few letters of the language name, then put your creator name after it. This will make it easy for me to identify who translated which languages. You can see an example from another creator below: 

10. That’s it! From there you can send me a link via Tumblr or Patreon with any of the files you’ve translated along with your creator name and where you would like me to link back to (your website, Tumblr site, etc.) so I can credit you properly.

Thank you!!!

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