Wall Crack Addons & Floor Cracks

Required: GP04 - Vampires

These are a combination of overrides and new objects. They are searchable by ‘BrazenLotus’ in the catalog

  • All Wall Cracks, Holes, & Stains with addons & overrides
  • All Wall Cracks, Holes, & Stains as rugs

You can see all of the individual addons below. The 3 options I added to the wall sticker are simply mirrors and rotations of the original. I didn’t like how you could see the originals repeating on the walls so making these gave me options to make it look more realistic. There are overrides for the wall stickers as well – they give the original object the ‘repeat placement’ attribute so you don’t have to keep going into the catalog to rebuy them.

Note: Remember, with the object selected you can hit the + on the numpad to cycle through options. This helps a lot for these if you’re using these over and over!

The floor stickers are new objects setup as rugs. There are two options for each, as the mirrored versions were useless since you can just rotate them.

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